Who I Am

Today (not exactly when this post was written, but...I think it was yesterday) is one of those perfect fall days...the kind where the sky is grey and the wind moves the leaves against the sidewalk to make that scratchy swoosh sound. The light patter of rain has long since disappeared, but I can still hear the splatter of a fountain in the background of where I sit.

It's days like these when I wonder if I'm worn out. How much more is in me? God's the only reason I'm still standing, but how is He going to give me the energy to just get through the week? With all this transition, I realize that if you are really truly comfortable in your own skin, you can be yourself in every situation. Days like these, I wonder who I am, who I'm becoming and who I'm going to be and I praise God that I am not who I was.

And on another note, it's SO nice outside, I really don't want to go to class. I will, because if I didn't I wouldn't understand anything about Acts, but maybe I'll come out here afterwards.

After class...

Class was good. Really good. Of course.
As I’m sitting here in my spot, I’m watching people fence. The guy has too much of his weight on his front foot. The girl's stance is better. Not that I know anything about fencing, but karate is kinda the same thing. Only better. Anyway, I also saw a guy ride down the colonnade steps on his mountain bike and get some air. It was cool. I probably could do that.


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