Praying for You

Are you familiar with the comfort and security you feel when you know other people are praying for you?

I never really realized this until someone specifically prayed for my prayer request out loud at youth group one night a few years ago, and then prayed for me. I gotta tell you, it's one of the most encouraging things. And when someone says that they will be praying for you throughout the week, man, it just makes me so happy and gives me a feeling of relief--I'm not alone in this. They don't even have to pray for everything to be okay. They just pray for God's will, and for you to know that He is in the midst of it all. That's when you know they really care.

This is our responsibility as brothers and sisters in Christ--just praying for each other, watching out for each other. Anymore, society is so concerned with boys and girls and what they do together we seem to forget that there's a close bond that's supposed to be there, like a brother sister thing.

So I encourage you all to pray for that someone (especially if you told them that you would) who you need to pray for. Really, it is one of those things where you can see God working and moving as they work through certain aspects of their life, even if they're far away.



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