Having a Vibrant Life

My posts should not be different because of the people who read them.

Too many times in this world today we are pressured to conform to the passiveness of society. This is the one thing that will kill us, our church and our faith. Whatever happened to living so vibrantly? So unforgiving? Enjoying the details of the day, without everything having to be the same monotonous "fun" (aka what society says you should be doing every part of every day) all the time? What about jumping up and down when you're excited? Where's the life in life? Everyone's so depressed, and they don't even know it. Today, God has shown me that life is good. So many times I think people are seriously afraid to love living life. They are stuck in what they know--how to handle stress and make excuses when people ask if they are okay. Stop hiding and feel the emotion of just living!

Here are some pictures to remind you of how good life is:


If you get the point of this post, you'll understand why the colors are the way they are :)

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