True Love

True Love. Something we all long for.

Now days it seems that doctrines, laws, social media, opinions and "I think this or that" are the things that we easily hide behind.

The thing is, nothings authentic anymore. All this superficialness (no, that's not a word, but just hang with me here) just encourages us to build up our walls and let our fake smiles and "fines" do the talking for us. All we have to do is make sure we do or say the right things so people will get whatever impression you're trying to give them. These walls hurt our relationships by stunting their growth and delaying the healing that Christ centered relationships can bring.

This is why our community has an overwhelming need for true love. The love that cherishes, the love that holds, the love that accepts unconditionally, the love that makes you smile and cry at the same time, the love that protects, the love that pours into, the love that sometimes hurts, the love that heals, and ultimately the love that is God. This is true love. The word "true" just overrides everything, honestly. It's authentic, has no barriers and is so much of a raw, real feeling it hurts to experience it sometimes. That kind of love is so valuable. That's one of the reasons why it takes so much time to  build...lots of shared looks, maybe some inside jokes, all kinds of different types of conversations, frustrating  moments and more than a few awkward ones. Sometimes tears of sadness or joy or both.

As we are called to make disciples, this is our focus--the heart. The emotions and experiences that come with living life together are like the cookie dough when making cookies--you can't do it without it. The application of this is not only living it out in your daily life but serving together. It's a time to truly teach and build the bond and relationship between mentor and disciple while showing and spreading God's love throughout your community and other nations.

Overall, just think about the love you show your friends, kids, neighbors, spouse, walmart cashier and even the bank teller. Is it real? Can people tell it's authentic? No fake smiles? Be deliberate with showing it because our community needs it badly.

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