Q & A #1

So about two weeks ago in "Up-close and Personal" I asked you all to send me your questions not only so I could get feedback for me, but just to answer any questions, specifically about my blog, that you all had.

An a fair warning, this post is all over the place. I didn't bother blending my paragraphs. Usually they do it on their own.

So I understand that blogs are different. They just don't get the same type of attention or feedback as other types of media. This is okay. I think I just got so excited about blogging, that I wanted to tell people about how it happens and didn't really think about how weird it is for people (not so much for as for others) to be sending me questions on my blog because it's so personal. I'm actually glad I didn't get that many questions now. It's easier if I just keep posting and you keep reading.

This whole blog thing is just a God thing. The whole thing. All of it. I never EVER thought I'd be doing something like this. Not in a million years. Not me. Why me anyway? What do I have to give? I'm so glad that I realized that this blog isn't even about me, it's about God's story, His involvement (now that's an understated word) in  my life. So no, I'm not worried about the amount of questions I got. That's not what it's about. The numbers and stats, no. The bigger picture has to do with God and His beautiful plan for my life.

In all reality, I think I just wanted to tell you all how SUPER excited I am to be blogging...it's my new hobby, where a lot of my free time is spent. Really, ideas and realizations just pop in my head and I can't get them out--they just start writing themselves! Usually, it's not even the beginning of the post, it's the middle of it. But anyway. You all have NO IDEA how hard it is to not post everything at once! To patiently post one thing a day....man, it's like a kid before Christmas. I'm just SO excited and have had these posts as drafts for awhile.

The other day, with all of the talking, reading, writing and blogging and communicating I ran out of words. That's why there's nothing to say sometimes. I just can't use them anymore. So I am quiet for a few hours, say nothing and read a lot. That's how you get your words back. Am I the only one this has happened too? We are talking about communication in human relations class and I am starting to understand and appreciate words more. What you say to people (verbally or non-verbally) and how you say them. And listening. Just listen to what was said. Just listen.

I say this as I write my list of question/answers. Oh my.

1. If you could go to any country in the world to spend a week, where would you go? 
Ireland because it's awesome.

2.What's your least favorite thing to eat? 

3. Favorite book besides the Bible? 
Harry Potter I guess. Can't really go wrong with that. But I am not sure how I can even really choose a favorite book...I like them all.
4.Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
An environmental education center maybe? I don't know.
5. If you could be an expert at playing one musical instrument, what would be the instrument? 
My voice. But sadly that will never happen. I really don't even think it could be possible for me to play an instrument because I have negative musical ability. All I can do is appreciate it.

6. How much time do you spend blogging and how much time do you spend studying?
No comment. :) I do blog before I study or else I wont be able to study because I'll be thinking about it though.
7. What year in your life have you changed the most spiritually?
Last few months. Seriously, just read back a about a month of posts.

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