Living Together

 The one things that I do love about living on campus is living with a bunch of girls. Yes, I know I sound crazy, but there's just a bond that forms when girls live together. The little comments, the way news spreads and sharing all that we have along with all our daily struggles. There is always someone to vent to, help you organize your room and borrow soap from.
However, there are times when girls are just too loud, steal soap, and slam there doors. And there are giant hairball monsters in the bathrooms. But whatever. It's the pattern of living the details of life together reminds you that you aren't alone in life, and it satisfys some deep human need for social interaction. It's also lonely when you're in a room alone, if only for a few nights. Not that I'm complaining that much.
It's things like staying out in the hall talking even when you know you should be in bed. 
Oh, and by the way, thats all we do is just talk. Talk in our rooms. Talk in the hallway (while trying to do out homework). Talk in the kitchen (which is one of my favorite spots). Talk in the study room (we really shouldn't be talking there, but it was about school...).
Despite all the annoying habits of people and seeing some people just a little too much, it's so much fun somtime. I am SO thankful for God allowing me to be in this spot in a safe place with a bunch of great people. I love Him so much for taking care of me.
 "Wow...that looks like a bunch of fruit roll ups!"
 Made my day...I pass her door a lot....
 Coloring while watching a movie!
When you find this note card in your shower stall after your shower...

Oh the little reminders.....

Or notes like these....


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