Convicting Conversations

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and while you are having that conversation you realize that you are just so wrong? That you know nothing of what you should? You are just completely humbled because you realized that your standards, priorities, expectations and ideas about something are just about you. And that's it. Here it is: You, you, you, you = bad, bad, bad, bad.

And that's the truth.

This conversation that I had centered around church. Trying to find a new church home (when you've had six) and stepped inside more churches than you can count and are away from home is hard. Just putting that out there. Not like these are excuses though. What I should be asking myself is "Where does God want me?" and "God, where can I serve best?" not anything like "Is this a good fit for me?" It's not about you. It's all about where God is going to use you. With this new mentality and realization, I add this request to my daily prayer list, along with having a heart to serve a church and community more than just on Sunday mornings.

So my call to action is not only remembering to actually write this request down, but letting God pick the church to visit this Sunday. Again, this is one of those times where he is prying my hands off of everything I hold dear and familiar to my human heart. He knows my hands should have let go of those things long ago and instead they should be clinging to Him.

A few days later.....

So last Sunday we ended up going to a small church plant that met in a convention center. It was really neat and I liked it a lot (don't you love the uniquesnees of churches?). Now the question: what next? Is this one it? Is this where He wants me?

A few moments later...

The more I think about it (which is really the only way I seem to start my sentences) the more I see that going to Rock Hills (www.rockhillschurch.com) was a step that I had to take to relinquish control. Just because Rock Hills is the 'different' that I was looking for (whatever that is), I don't think the question "Where can I serve best?" is answered through that....


I also just want to say thank you to everyone @ CCC for being so supportive, being faithful readers and checking up on me. I really appreciate your all's investment and prayers. Especially when you chew gum :) (inside joke guys, don't worry if you don't get it). You all are an inspiration for many things. I'm starting to realize how much my church gave me a healthy understanding of what God designed for churches, how He loves the church and how special it is to Him. Just like you are to Him.

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