The Persistence of Prayer

This post has been under construction for a long time, because it seems God is continuing to teach me more and more about it so I have to keep adding on and on and on...anyway,

One of the many things that God is teaching me is the significance of prayer.

Prayer a time to express your concerns and joys for other people (a time to be selfless) as well as a time when you can be real with God and evaluate your relationship with Him. A time where you can re-center your focus in the midst of the daily chaos.

Prayer is also something that never stops and is long and can be done any time. "Amen" only meaning "make it so" or "so be it", not goodbye. It's is not something that you need to be scared of either. There is no fear in perfect love, and God's love is perfect (1 John 4:18-19).

Prayer is a time for your soul to be still--how many times a day does that happen for you all? Really? Please don't forget how to stop and rest. People who give on empty soon can't give anymore.

Prayer is something that will be uncomfortable at times. Whether in public or private, prayer can hurt because it's so intimate, so strong and so convicting.

Prayer is peace. This one I feel is sometimes forgotten a lot. Peace is described as freedom from conflict/war and disturbance, having tranquility and quiet. God's peace however, is the peace that transcends all understanding...you really can't even begin to explain it...you can have this peace, you just have to pray (Philippians 4:7).

Prayer is a time to ask God for strength, wisdom and clarity. A time to focus directly on Him and let everything else become what they really are: so small and so insignificant.

Most of all, prayer is persistent. A time when you seek God with your soul, your heart, your you. (Psalm 63:1-4) A time where you surrender a part of yourself and wait for His voice. Your soul waiting for Him in silence... (Psalm 62:5-6).

Now, how to do this. Write down your prayer requests and write down your praises. Start your morning and pray over the things on the list (and yes, it might be very long) and thank God for the praises. Soon, you will see that some of your prayer requests will turn into praises...also, don't forget to talk to God about you and Him. It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the things on our lists that we forget to sit and talk and let our souls commune with the peace of His presence.

Prayer doesn't have to be superficial anymore. It can be real, whether said out loud or silently or all at once in a group, its a continuous conversation. Because of all these reasons, prayer is now one of my favorite things.

I also encourage you all to look up these passages I cited...I purposely didn't type them all out for you so you would do that. Don't ever let your Bible get dusty.

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