It's So Easy

It’s so easy to condemn others, to automatically think less of them because of their actions or reputation. But in reality, are we any better? Just because we don’t lead a promiscuous, self-centered indulgent lifestyle doesn’t give us any credit.

My family and I have this conversation a lot regarding actors, famous people and the crazy things they do. I always have the feeling that they are too quick to condemn. When we snap at someone who asks us a question, become rude when we are kept waiting in a long line or simply look at someone and telling a straight out lie (you probably do it more than you think).  So maybe we aren’t running around with our clothes off or potty mouths going while onstage—our daily sins aren’t in anyway better.

They all displease God.


The Top 15 Songs That Changed My Life

So as I am on my own a lot more these days, I have songs stuck in my head more often it seems. Its what helps me bring the focus of my heart and eyes back to Jesus. The more I grow in my faith, the more I can connect with these words, and when I sing them--I mean them.

The following links will lead you to a music video/lyric video on YouTube. Take some time out of your day to dwell on the lyrics and have a heart that has a fervor to worship the Lord. Especially if you don't feel like it.

Never Alone
By: BarlowGirl

Build Your Kingdom Here
By: Rend Collective Experiment

What Love Really Means
By: JJ Heller

Everything Falls
By: Fee

Lead Me to the Cross
By: Chris and Conrad

From the Inside Out
By: Seventh Day Slumber

How He Loves
By: Davis Crowder Band

Brokenness Aside
By: All Sons and Daughters

Forever Reign
By: Hillsong United

One Thing Remains
By: Kristian Stanfill

So Far Gone
By: Thousand Foot Krutch

God of this City
By: Chris Tomlin

Take Me as I Am
By: FM Static

I get to come HOME!!!

Tuesday Night:

Finally! This Thursday I get to go home. And rest. And feel the familiar environment. And see my cat. I'll probably cry with happiness. Not that I don't like it here, but these past two weeks have been basically the roughest condensed time of my life. No joke. I didn't even know so much could happen in two weeks...

Wednesday Afternoon:

I'm gonna pack tonight :) Is it wrong to be so excited about going home? Well...considering the week I've had, it's really quite understandable.

Thursday Afternoon:

Went to dollar lunch today @ the BCM, and have one more class to go. I hope I can stay awake for the two hour drive...I wish there was an emo con that was rolling it's eyes....


Hurt...and Healing

So maybe this post will shed a bit more light on the posts like "Change is NOW" and "2nd Day of Classes".

I got a roommate I didn't know, and although we went to the same high school, that was about all we had in common. That in itself is overcome able, but the small habits are glimpses into the true personality. My roommate didn't really see me as a person who actually lived there--she did what she wanted. At first I thought that the roommate agreement would help fix this, but as time went on, I realized that compromise wasn't going to be an option. When she comes in and is giving off strong vibes of animosity...you get a little scared. Especially when you learn her family has a history of not playing well with others.

Anyway, I got fed up with it and no longer felt safe or comfortable and was so stressed about just going back to my dorm at night, I went to my RA and Hall people and told them that I was not spending one more sleepless night in that room. Thankfully my friends in another dorm let me stay there for a night until I could get another room.

I tell you, sleeping in a different spot with different people three nights in a row kinda sucks. I've moved all my life, and now I just want to stay in the same place. Now, however, I have a really cool roommate who is one of those people you are like "Aw, she's just kind of adorable!". We have a lot in common when it comes to living together (praise the Lord!) and enjoy talking.

The Lord has taken care of me SO much through this whole transition, all the credit goes to Him. Not only has He blessed me with an incredibly supportive family and friends, but my new room is with the friends that I mostly hang out with--just a few doors down ( (legit)! I feel safer and happier and I got a good nights sleep! I swear the beds are softer here too--God even takes care of the details ;)

I just want to thank Him for being with me through it all, and taking care of me so much!

2nd Day of Classes

Tuesday and Thursday:

Same old same old. Even if its only the second day.

Ag 110  (Plant Science)
My professor is also my advisor, and he's really cool. He also know just about everything there is to know about plants. We started taking notes the first day.

Well...it doesn't start until October.....I should read my schedule a bit closer...

New Testament
Seems like a really cool class...but also very challenging...

Oh yeah, and I was moving dorms in the middle of all this...I was a bit stressed.


1st Day of Classes

Monday and Wednesdays:

Math...thank goodness its only an hour

Its in the basement. I call it the dungeon. Its an old school math teacher, so maybe we will get some stuff done. Although she did mention a floppy disk that other day...

Human Relations

My professor told us to call him Fred. He's an older guy, and seriously said "Don't worry about he doctor stuff, just call me Fred." That made my day. :)


The Library Post

Ever been looking forward to something so much, only to be disappointed? Well, yeah, that's what happened. I thought that I could go to the top of the library (9th floor) and take an awesome picture of all the floors of books all the way down, but no. Each floor is a separate, single floor. Boring. And I got lost. And there are two elevators--one for floors 1-4 an the other for floors 5-9. So maybe its not all that bad, but I am a bit disappointed. SO much so that that's all I'm gonna write.

These are the best pictures I could get without looking too much like a creeper:

Change is NOW

One thing that college is teaching me is to be myself. I already have a good grasp of this, but the compromising? Well, you don't always have to do that. Sometimes you just can't compromise.

Me, I am tolerant--to a fault. But the more I get beat up by gain life experiences I don't even want to or have time to take crap from people anymore. I think God has used this time to left me develop that attitude more. I really can do it (the assertiveness) but I just have to be at a certain point. Right now I am at a breaking point.

Hence why I took a stand and told the dorm people that I was NOT going to stay in my room with my roommate any longer. I spent the night with friends and got moved out the next day. I just wanted the whole ordeal to be over and have a safe place to sleep. God took care of me though (should I be surprised? Nope.)....I got into the dorm I wanted and now am closer to my friends, and don't have to worry about walking around campus at night--I can just go across that hall.

I also just want to say thank you to all who were on standby and were praying for me and let me sleep in their dorm...and my dad who helped the people understand what was an option, and for my mom and brother who came down to help me move. You all are AMAZING. I can not thank the Lord for you enough!!!!

During this time, a friend gave me this passage, and I really just want to bold this whole thing. Read it several times and out loud once or twice...I've never seen something apply to my life so directly...


1 Corinthians 7:17-24

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)


The Life that the Lord Has Assigned


"However that may be, let each of you lead the life that the Lord has assigned, to which God called you. This is my rule in all the churches.  Was anyone at the time of his call already circumcised? (I also can see circumcision as scars from the past, the burdens you carry with you). Let him not seek to remove the marks of circumcision. Was anyone at the time of his call uncircumcised? Let him not seek circumcision. Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing; but obeying the commandments of God is everything. 

 Let each of you remain in the condition in which you were called (not distracted by things so you can focus on God. Stay pure! Stay joyful! Stay in love with your Creator! And no matter your circumstances: REJOICE! Oh, and focus on your school work too...). Were you a slave when called? Do not be concerned about it. Even if you can gain your freedom,  make use of your present condition now more than ever (I can get a new roommate--but I still need to act like a Christian and not encourage anymore negative animosity). For whoever was called in the Lord as a slave is a freed person belonging to the Lord, just as whoever was free when called is a slave of Christ. You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of human masters.  In whatever condition you were called, (aka NOT stressed and worried about what you were going to have to deal with when you got to your dorm) brothers and sisters, there remain with God."


My Friend Carrie

Guys, I just really feel like I need to do a shout-out post about my friend Carrie.
Carrie and I have been friends for awhile, and being able to go to college with her has already been an adventure (I couldn't imagine it without her!). She is always there for me, and I for her. We have been through many difficult and trying times, and have grown closer to God and each other because of it. Carrie is the most joyful person I've probably ever meet--I'm so proud of her strength and positive attitude as she overcomes all of the obstacles in her life. Carrie really doesn't even see how beautiful she really is--even though I tell her all of the time! She's definitely a blessing in my life.
I'm proud to call her one of my best friends!
Thank you SO much Carrie!!!


The Basics

Don't ever take for granted that your utensils are in the kitchen and all your laundry supplies are right there. Just don't. I have to go to the first floor, put in my clothes, go back up, come down in 30 min and switch it to the dryer then go back up and come back down. I may as well just stay down there and work on this.

(I type as I figure out that drying takes like 45 min...so I guess I'll be working on this and Skyping people. By the way, if you have Skype, let me know. It's my new favorite thing.)

All of this is just the normal personal care you have to do to take care of your self. It's a bit to adjust to, and can be tiring for whatever reason. I guess maybe that's why I look and feel older...because I do my own laundry and everything else anymore. At least I know how to do it. Actually I do it quite well. Parents, just teach your kids how to do the laundry. Please. Before they get to college.

And parking...every time I move my car, I end up parking in a new spot...the other cars are like vultures circling around the parking lot, looking for an open space. I just pray for a spot, and then God blesses me with one :) (I am dead up serious. Tyr it sometime).

No Cardboard recycling...why? 

My giant bottle of detergent can wash up to 114 loads :)
This part is somewhat fascinating...not that anyone care about my laundry as long as I do it...
Ramen Noodles my butt. Portabella mushroom with tomatoes and cheese, courtesy of Pinterest.




adjective \ˈsted-ˌfast also -fəst\

Definition of STEADFAST
a : firmly fixed in place : immovable

b : not subject to change <the steadfast doctrine of original sin — Ellen Glasgow>
: firm in belief, determination, or adherence : loyal <her followers have remained steadfast>

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and steadfast spirit within me."
Psalm 51:10
This is what I want. A steadfast spirit that is steady according to God's word and life, focused and remaining consistent during trials, and growing every chance it gets. 

Right now my faith is being tested. It's being moved, and molded and pruned. It's being put through the fire in a kiln (hopefully to come out like something pretty) to refine and refurbish. I fell the burn. And the stretch. I know it's good for me, but this is a lotta change at once. Even physically my body is changing (**as I cringe at those words. Ick**) to absorb and adapt to the stress. I think I even look older too...not sure how that happened...

Anyway, I knew I was going to change, but I never expected to change in the exact ways I have...this change is more than just growing up, it's about who you are and stepping outside of the roles you normally play. It's learning yourself all over again. I never knew how hard that could be. I mean, you are yourself! Senior year was change enough--I got to know myself more and develop, but this, this is crazy stuff here...I don't even know what to do anymore. I don't really want to know what to do now anyway, I want God to have the say on that matter, even if it's just on the "how".

One things for sure, I am so NOT the person I was three years ago...and that's a good thing. Maybe I'll say that again in three years. I just want to be closer to God, no matter what else in the world happens.

Turn, O Lord, save my life; deliver me for the sake of your steadfast love."
 Psalm 6:4
"Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love..."
Psalm 51:1

"Because your steadfast love is better than life..."
 Psalm 63:3
 Maybe Starbucks once a week will help me gain a steadfast spirit....


The Life of a College Student

The life of a college student is defined by the moment when a Wal-Mart run becomes an event.

It starts with finding the actual place. Bowling Green drivers and Wal-Mart people are not as nice as in Shelbyville. They are when they are n the elevator though.

Anyway, we got inside and a few minutes later it starts raining, then its like hailing and I'm trying to concentrate on what I'm getting and its my first official two-hour away from home grocery shopping experience....whew.

Then we go to target and I bought a lamp, finally :)

Me being resourceful!
"Tell me again why you ran out of meals?"
~By Grumpy Cat

The back of my free t-shirt!

Haven't found a water filter pitcher yet...

A stocked pantry. :)

Yay! There's not just water bottles in it!
My beautiful new lamp!

My to do list for Saturday:

Starbucks and Bible
Run by wku store
Subway for lunch/dinner, then save the rest and put it in the fridge
Look for all my classes



I need to be better about that. Everyone talks about talking to God, but so many times I think we just tell him how we feel about our troubles, which as everyone can guess--you feel bad about your trouble (duh). What people seem to miss though is that we are often the ones in the way by not being completely openly honest with God. So grab a piece of paper and write:

Honestly: _________________________________________

Now fill in the blank. It could be something that is good or bad, glad or sad. Then, read them to God. Out loud. Yes, out loud. Go.

Here are some of mine:

Honestly: I'm more homesick than I'd like to admit...and more than I thought I would be.

Honestly: I am so tired.

Honestly: I am lonely here sometimes. Mostly at night. Sometimes I've thought about not coming back.

Honestly: I've had doubts about whether I should be here.

Honestly: I'm a bit stressed. I wonder if I'm eating okay.

Honestly: I am excited about classes.

Honestly: I really need a lamp for my room. It would make it feel homier.


Some people are better with honesty than others. I understand this is a hard thing to do, honestly I really, really do,  but don't censor it, keep it authentic, raw and real. A year ago I would not have even imagined posting something like this...a testimony to change.

Going through all these things, I am beginning to see that I can't do anything on my own.
I need God. I have to have him.
Oh God how I need you
Every hour I need you
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God how I need you

This Week

Coming to college, even though things haven't even officially started, has blown my mind. It is so different from anything else I've ever experienced. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet--I still feel like I'm at a camp for a week.

I have been bombarded with doubts and insecurities this week, and am emotionally exhausted. The weekend helps a bit to restore what I've lost, and prepare for the future but I'm SO in need of some yoga (Saturday (9:15-10@ Preston center).

I have to believe that God is using this time to do something big. I have to believe that it's for my benefit. I was reading in Luke about Mary, and the angel that told her she was going to have a baby. What I admire about Mary is that she completely denied herself (her reputation, safety, etc., ) for the will of God. That's kind of how I've been feeling. It doesn't matter that I've been out of my comfort zone or really homesick or more than slightly confused. I just have to follow Him wherever He goes.

Thank you all so, so, so, so, much for all of your prayers--I can see them at work. Just keep praying. Please.

"For these slight an momentary troubles are preparing for us an eternal weight of glory
that is beyond measure." 
2 Corinthians 4:17
And again, my mailing address (just in case anyone needs it ;) 
Attn: Rachel Bennett
Gilbert Hall Room 427
1505 College Heights Blvd.
Bowling Green KY, 42101-6731

Read the 3d line of this poster...heh heh heh.




Community Service

Thursday I had signed up for a community service activity  event called Big Red Blitz where freshman could divide up and go do community service. I went to a group that was making paper cranes for Hosparus (like a hospice). They give the Peace Cranes out when someone pledges to talk with a loved one about end-of-life decisions such as cremation/burial, in home care and so on. Being the only one who knew how to make an origami crane, I taught a few people, and in the process to meet some people form the honors college,  who were all really nice. I really just liked getting back to basics and serving. There is just something so fulfilling about being able to do that...the more I think about it, the more I think what God has in store for me is completely different that I had ever thought.
 And I got a free t-shirt :)
The box I'm holding is my lunch!


This chain was 8 ft long...I couldn't get it all in one picture.

Mini cranes! 
"Crane Unfolding" Sculpture on campus.


How, Not What

So all week my friends (the ones I already know, plus a few new people) and I have been taking advantage of the BCM's welcome freshman activities. Along with the ice cream in the gutter, midnight pancake and tye-dye t-shirts we also attended a bible study. One of the leaders said something that I so needed to hear. We were discussing a freshman topics such as being away from home, dating and major choices. He said it doesn't necessarily matter what you do, but how you do it.

I needed to hear this because not only does coming to college makes you rethink things a bit, but I was wondering if environmental science was what I was supposed to be doing or not.

But now I realize the "how" can be your attitude, actions and ways you glorify God, no matter what you're doing.  I firmly believe God will put you where He wants you (aka story of my life) but to change your "how", it is up to you.


What I Miss

As with any college journey, homesickness is present, even if its just a bit.

Here are some of the things I miss most:

~Working at the pool. Why, why in the world do I miss this? I have no idea. But I do. A lot.

~I miss knowing where to go when I drive. It took so long to get that knowledge, and I took it for granted.

~Being able to do whatever I want in my room.

~Listening to 93.9 all the time

~My fishies. :( and my kitty. And my puppy. :(

~My family. Just living with familiar people in a familiar environment.

~Getting 9 hours of sleep.

I'm sure I wont miss everything so much once classes start, because right now I feel like I have nothing to do. At home I had karate and church and a to-do list to do over the summer. I know people will say "Enjoy it while you can!" but in all honesty I like some school work.

I still can't wait to go into the library...its SO big! I haven't been in it yet, but as you can probably guess there will be a post about the library.

Dorm Life In Pictures

My first Red Towel

Using my microwave for the first time!
Ran into an old friend...


What I've Learned

What I have learned during my first two days at college:

~When doing cheers, don't stand up when they call the boys dorm next to yours.

~Park your car in the right spot....

~I can't wait for classes to start

~I can't wait to visit the library...It's called Craven, which makes me think of Ravens, which so go with libraries (you should also see it, it needs gargoyles on it! Its HUGE)...I'm going to feel like Hermione Granger  from Harry Potter sitting in it. :)

~Tennis shoes are my new best friend

~Don't forget your phone charger and shampoo

~Boys are stupid. (sorry guys, but too many guys or girls in on area can be hazardous :o )

~Pictures make dorms seem a lot bigger than they are....

~God gave me a parking spot! :)

~Coordinate better with your roommate with fridge and microwave...we now have two of each.

~Midnight pancakes are awesome...the people at the BCM are the only normal ones, I think.

~Balance your weight when sitting on your desk chair--not only do they lay flat, but they can also rock.

....with more educational moments to come. lol :)

No one ever told me college was this hard...I know its only the first day, but thank you all for the prayers--specifically for more/better sleep--(thank you so much, I can't say it enough, you all are such a blessing), I've actually gotten a break today--two hours to update this and just rest. However, I have been doing pretty good for less than five hours (I guess I was so tired I couldn't sleep, and new places and an emotional and very stressful day). I now understand  Somebody said they woke up early to have a quiet time with God, and they didn't feel any less tired for the rest of the day. So when I automatically woke up at six (verses 8 when we had to get up), I planned to get up a bit earlier than I had to to do so. And of course, He has sustained me. Hopefully I can last for Ice cream in the gutter and a movie on the lawn @ BCM (Baptist Campus Ministries).

If this post doesn't make any sense, sorry. I've been walking everywhere and am so beat.

I need more posters for mall wall....

My roommate is pretty nice, and although we didn't know each other, we actually went to the same school. :)

My mailing address (just in case anyone needs it ;) :
Attn: Rachel Bennett
Gilbert Hall Room 427
1505 College Heights Blvd.
Bowling Green KY, 42101-6731
I tell ya, it feels so weird to not write Simpsonville on my address....it's like getting a new identity.

Today is the Day the Lord has Made

August 18th

Morning before church:

Today is it. I move into my dorm. I’m tired because I got like no sleep last night, and I don’t feel good at all. And I have to speak at church. But I think I’mso physically broken down and mentally confused right now I’m just surrendering it all to Him. That should always be my first move.


Today it’s all Him.
After church, round 12 pm:
So I’m in the car sitting next to my new mini fridge and have a glass of chocolate milk in the cup holder. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate milk, but I saw a gallon in the fridge and had a craving for it. But beside the chocolate milk, is a bamboo plant, essential to every dorm. My parents suggested not brining all five of my plants…and my fish tanks are at home because one is too big and in the other I have baby guppies in the other (they don’t travel well).


Martial Arts

Being able to study the martial arts is a unique opportunity to say the least. I truly believe God has used the time I spent at my dojo to mold me into who He wants me to be.
Karate is a sport that requires specific physical demands as well as a rigorous mental aspect. You know how they say sports are half mental, half physical? Well, karate is mostly mental (at least for me anyway...but still, mostly mental).
My dojo, being a solid, smaller, more personal establishment, has given me the proper instruction I need to learn thoroughly as well as welcoming me to a family of sorts. Granted, many people who go to the dojo are related (father/sons, brother/sister), but even so we are united by the fact that we all hate doing multiple scissors kicks and diamond push ups.
 Karate has shown me more about myself, my strengths and many weaknesses. It has given me a  thicker skin (literally and figuratively...the mats can be rough on your feet), and more of a take-what-you-got-and-roll-with-it attitude (mostly because of my size--when you are one of the smallest people in the adult class you have to use it to your advantage). These are things that God wanted me to see...and I think He also wanted me to feel that weakness, or helplessness, or frustration that comes with sparring people four times your size or mixing up your forms...to let me know that I am only human, and He is bigger than all of that.

I am going to miss my dojo and all the people there very much while I'm away, but I did sign up for another karate class @ WKU so we'll see how it goes. And don't worry, I'm not going to forget everything I learned--I have flash cards. :)

*These are older pictures taken by Kendra Lynne Photography
Karate is a completely accessible sport, it's not just for those few that do it. Also, it's a girls sport too :) (the guys just don't want to admit it). We also do kids classes (5 & up)
 Visit our website for more info, pictures and contact info:


A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Everything. Everything I'm leaving is just hard to leave. My church, my family (again, the same thing, right?), Buddy and Bree...even my neighbors...all the kiddo at church...everyone @ BGMA (bluegrass martial arts), and more people from my church...

Maybe I'm just a really involved teenager, but I know a lot of people. The more I grow up the more they mean to me. I can't even begin to say how much I'm blessed....it's all because I obeyed God, even if He had to break me to touch me my heart.


Snapshots from 2013


Okay, so maybe these all aren't from this year, but still, I just realized that I am SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED!!!!!