Ever feel like life just hits you out of the blue? You are just walking somewhere and BAM! it plows into you like a monsoon. That's kinda the way my life feels right now. Stuff was normal for awhile...then BAM! life happens.

It seems like monsoons are happening to me more and more often. They have to do with change. Changing people in my room, changing schedules, changing life. As soon as I get a grasp on things, they slip away. Is this somewhat normal? I know that God is working through this, and the result will be beautiful, but when you are caught in the rain, you're wet. I guess that is to make my hands slippery...so I can finally let go.

We come with so many expectations of things (how human of us!), and so many, many, many times we look somewhere else rather than where we should. "Just surrender," He tells me, "let me take it from you. For I am infinitely better at handling it than you."

I am just SO thankful for what He's given me. It's really hard sometimes, being molded, chiseled and torn apart and broken down and I swear He's basically prying my hands off of things. But anymore my soul feels sick with out my Lord. He is the light of my life, and the only things I really want in my life. Too, I still need Him more than I know. But the Cross just changes everything, doesn't it?

And again, I'm reminded of how wonderful, how boundless is His love. How wonderful, sacrificial. How He shows His love for me through other people, such beautiful people. How He has a plan for me. How can I be scared when He's on my side?
"But by the graces of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me has not been in vain."
1 Corinthians 15:10

And in the end, hopefully God's clarity.

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