Human Relations

I love my human relations class. It's SO much fun. Every third time we meet, we have a group activity day, where we split up in the same group and basically answer questions about us and our personality. The group of girls I'm with are really cool and after a bit of getting to know them, I have decided that it's a safe place to be. This has to happen before I can even dream of answering the questions we ask truthfully.

The thing is, I know God meant for me to be to be in this class, even if I didn't even like it--at all--in the beginning. He is so good to me, because He's given me a great group of girls who I can look up to as role models and an opportunity to practice self-discloser in a safe environment (which is completely a God thing, I never thought that I could share this kind of stuff about myself with people, let alone write it in a blog). And it's really neat to see the stuff we are learning about in class and with our text book is unfolding right before my eyes. Communication, personality types, self-disclosure and building relationships just seems to be the stuff I need to know or am working through at this part of my life. It's a crazy thing to see, and I'm going to miss it when it's gone, but I really just appreciate the opportunity I have to grow and learn to love people again.

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