Noise, noise, noise. Distractions, distraction, distractions. All around me. All vying for my attention. Sometimes the noise is just deafening. It hurts. How I am supposed to focus? Conversation. Music. Doors shutting, slamming. Talking. Water running. iPods.

Where is my peace and quiet? Where is my place of rest and refuge in the middle of all this noise? Sometimes I just feel like my ears are on overload. I’m tired of it all. I can only take so much. 

Then at other times, it's a comfort. People, people, people, noise, laughter, chatting, noise, people. Just the noise of so many people is so different from anything else.

In the midst of it all with all these mixed and confusing messages, you have to remember that the voices you listen to shape you. You can not afford to lose yourself. So I encourage you all to look to God in the middle of the noise and place your identity in Him, so that He's the only voice you hear.

Sorry the picture sticks out a bit...it kinda drives me nuts but it really needed to be this big because it's banner sized.