What I've Learned

What I have learned during my first two days at college:

~When doing cheers, don't stand up when they call the boys dorm next to yours.

~Park your car in the right spot....

~I can't wait for classes to start

~I can't wait to visit the library...It's called Craven, which makes me think of Ravens, which so go with libraries (you should also see it, it needs gargoyles on it! Its HUGE)...I'm going to feel like Hermione Granger  from Harry Potter sitting in it. :)

~Tennis shoes are my new best friend

~Don't forget your phone charger and shampoo

~Boys are stupid. (sorry guys, but too many guys or girls in on area can be hazardous :o )

~Pictures make dorms seem a lot bigger than they are....

~God gave me a parking spot! :)

~Coordinate better with your roommate with fridge and microwave...we now have two of each.

~Midnight pancakes are awesome...the people at the BCM are the only normal ones, I think.

~Balance your weight when sitting on your desk chair--not only do they lay flat, but they can also rock.

....with more educational moments to come. lol :)

No one ever told me college was this hard...I know its only the first day, but thank you all for the prayers--specifically for more/better sleep--(thank you so much, I can't say it enough, you all are such a blessing), I've actually gotten a break today--two hours to update this and just rest. However, I have been doing pretty good for less than five hours (I guess I was so tired I couldn't sleep, and new places and an emotional and very stressful day). I now understand  Somebody said they woke up early to have a quiet time with God, and they didn't feel any less tired for the rest of the day. So when I automatically woke up at six (verses 8 when we had to get up), I planned to get up a bit earlier than I had to to do so. And of course, He has sustained me. Hopefully I can last for Ice cream in the gutter and a movie on the lawn @ BCM (Baptist Campus Ministries).

If this post doesn't make any sense, sorry. I've been walking everywhere and am so beat.

I need more posters for mall wall....

My roommate is pretty nice, and although we didn't know each other, we actually went to the same school. :)

My mailing address (just in case anyone needs it ;) :
Attn: Rachel Bennett
Gilbert Hall Room 427
1505 College Heights Blvd.
Bowling Green KY, 42101-6731
I tell ya, it feels so weird to not write Simpsonville on my address....it's like getting a new identity.

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