Ready Ready Ready

I'm ready.

A few weeks ago, I'd never thought I'd fully be able to say this, but here I am. My soul feels the change...its compelling and potent, an electric energy like a brewing storm. You can feel the power, but can't see it yet.

Already these past few days God's been whispering to me, "Rachel, you're ready, almost ready..."

I can sense a change in the things around me, like the colors I see outside are just a shade off. Maybe its just me. I already am seeing that who I am right now is fitting differently into my normal life.

As much as I am a bit fearful, I know this is not a journey I take alone. Not only do I have the Creator of the universe going with me, but I have so much support from everyone who is involved in my life.

But now I'm ready. Things are coming to a close.

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