Hurt...and Healing

So maybe this post will shed a bit more light on the posts like "Change is NOW" and "2nd Day of Classes".

I got a roommate I didn't know, and although we went to the same high school, that was about all we had in common. That in itself is overcome able, but the small habits are glimpses into the true personality. My roommate didn't really see me as a person who actually lived there--she did what she wanted. At first I thought that the roommate agreement would help fix this, but as time went on, I realized that compromise wasn't going to be an option. When she comes in and is giving off strong vibes of animosity...you get a little scared. Especially when you learn her family has a history of not playing well with others.

Anyway, I got fed up with it and no longer felt safe or comfortable and was so stressed about just going back to my dorm at night, I went to my RA and Hall people and told them that I was not spending one more sleepless night in that room. Thankfully my friends in another dorm let me stay there for a night until I could get another room.

I tell you, sleeping in a different spot with different people three nights in a row kinda sucks. I've moved all my life, and now I just want to stay in the same place. Now, however, I have a really cool roommate who is one of those people you are like "Aw, she's just kind of adorable!". We have a lot in common when it comes to living together (praise the Lord!) and enjoy talking.

The Lord has taken care of me SO much through this whole transition, all the credit goes to Him. Not only has He blessed me with an incredibly supportive family and friends, but my new room is with the friends that I mostly hang out with--just a few doors down ( (legit)! I feel safer and happier and I got a good nights sleep! I swear the beds are softer here too--God even takes care of the details ;)

I just want to thank Him for being with me through it all, and taking care of me so much!


  1. Lauren and (her parents) had to deal with this same issue and made a move to a new room a few times over the 4 years. It is extremely stressful and I am glad to hear that you have settled into a good place to be and study! Love and Prayers!