The Basics

Don't ever take for granted that your utensils are in the kitchen and all your laundry supplies are right there. Just don't. I have to go to the first floor, put in my clothes, go back up, come down in 30 min and switch it to the dryer then go back up and come back down. I may as well just stay down there and work on this.

(I type as I figure out that drying takes like 45 min...so I guess I'll be working on this and Skyping people. By the way, if you have Skype, let me know. It's my new favorite thing.)

All of this is just the normal personal care you have to do to take care of your self. It's a bit to adjust to, and can be tiring for whatever reason. I guess maybe that's why I look and feel older...because I do my own laundry and everything else anymore. At least I know how to do it. Actually I do it quite well. Parents, just teach your kids how to do the laundry. Please. Before they get to college.

And parking...every time I move my car, I end up parking in a new spot...the other cars are like vultures circling around the parking lot, looking for an open space. I just pray for a spot, and then God blesses me with one :) (I am dead up serious. Tyr it sometime).

No Cardboard recycling...why? 

My giant bottle of detergent can wash up to 114 loads :)
This part is somewhat fascinating...not that anyone care about my laundry as long as I do it...
Ramen Noodles my butt. Portabella mushroom with tomatoes and cheese, courtesy of Pinterest.

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