More than Good Fortune


The overwhelming feeling I have had lately is one of extremely deep thankfulness. Which got me thinking…
It was just the other day--after living here three years--that I realized why it was (and is) going to be so hard to leave to go to WKU.
I have more here in Shelbyville, where God placed me by his divine timing, than I would have EVER, EVER imagined. Sure I knew and had seen that God takes care of our family when we move. I mean, I thought I had it good in Etown. I didn’t really imagine things could get much better.
It BLOWS my MIND every time I even THINK about it.
I am SO blessed. I have an amazing life and am so thankful for all the many people that make it exciting and vibrant. It’s just crazy.
God has shown me that I was so horribly wrong (thank goodness). By putting me in Shelbyville not only did he bring me closer to him, but he gave me invaluable opportunities, true friends and great spiritual support.
Really, I thought I had it made. But now—now I have something better than good friends and a nice house. I have a focus that is solely fixed on God and a heart willing to go wherever he wants me.



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