Martial Arts

Being able to study the martial arts is a unique opportunity to say the least. I truly believe God has used the time I spent at my dojo to mold me into who He wants me to be.
Karate is a sport that requires specific physical demands as well as a rigorous mental aspect. You know how they say sports are half mental, half physical? Well, karate is mostly mental (at least for me anyway...but still, mostly mental).
My dojo, being a solid, smaller, more personal establishment, has given me the proper instruction I need to learn thoroughly as well as welcoming me to a family of sorts. Granted, many people who go to the dojo are related (father/sons, brother/sister), but even so we are united by the fact that we all hate doing multiple scissors kicks and diamond push ups.
 Karate has shown me more about myself, my strengths and many weaknesses. It has given me a  thicker skin (literally and figuratively...the mats can be rough on your feet), and more of a take-what-you-got-and-roll-with-it attitude (mostly because of my size--when you are one of the smallest people in the adult class you have to use it to your advantage). These are things that God wanted me to see...and I think He also wanted me to feel that weakness, or helplessness, or frustration that comes with sparring people four times your size or mixing up your forms...to let me know that I am only human, and He is bigger than all of that.

I am going to miss my dojo and all the people there very much while I'm away, but I did sign up for another karate class @ WKU so we'll see how it goes. And don't worry, I'm not going to forget everything I learned--I have flash cards. :)

*These are older pictures taken by Kendra Lynne Photography
Karate is a completely accessible sport, it's not just for those few that do it. Also, it's a girls sport too :) (the guys just don't want to admit it). We also do kids classes (5 & up)
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  1. Love it. :) It's neat to read about how for you, karate is more mental. And I like seeing my pix in this post!

  2. Yeah, its defiantly more mental. Your pictures are great :)