But Still

Theses last few days in my last week here are really throwing me off. Everyone's in school and I'm a home...cleaning. And packing. 

Okay, so I did go to the pool. For a long time. But still.

I am trying to make the most of my time and my crazy schedule (which is made more confusing when people say "I'm in school"). So today I packed up the car and went to spend some time with Buddy at the park and go for a run. Its such a pretty day! Just look out your window (I say as I post this at night...but still.).

It's days like these that I see God's creation, an everyday reminder of his presence. How could I have ever thought He was far away or not there? I am reminded of His glory and creation when I read Job 37. You gotta read it, it's awesome. It's scripture like that that reminds me there is so much I haven't read, and so many surprising things about the Bible. I can't wait to begin my New Testament class @ WKU. I can't wait to discover more, and become more attuned to what He's doing in my daily life.

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