Chicken and Waffles

Friends in Christ are friends forever, especially when they are bonded by an inside joke that has spanned years. Such as chicken and waffles. :)
My youth group at Christ Community Church has been a huge part of my life. We have created a home for many people and have developed a bond that is forged in Christ's blood. Full of spiritual support, we come together for a common love--Christ--despite our many, many differences.  Going to church with a smaller (like twenty people if everyone is there kinda thing) youth group was a big change for me and reminded me how beautiful it is to know someone so intimately. This group surprises me all the time, and the feeling of acceptance without questions they create is unmatched.
It's breaking my heart in a way, to leave them. I know I've been ready for something else for awhile, and change is the next step, but the bonds we've made will last a lifetime. 
I love you  CCC youth! :)

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