The Waiting Game

You can see that I've made a lot of posts, and they are all of what I've been doing while playing the waiting game--only 8 more days till move in. Really it should be called "move-in and stay-in" because you don't come home for awhile...

Right now though, it's driving me nuts. I want the week to speed by really fast so I'm there,  but then I want it to go at a snails pace.

I'm afraid it's going to feel like a week long summer camp, and then I'll go home, but have to come back.

I'm going to miss my church, youth group and my family (the three are the same things, right?) and karate and my cat....

 I think to myself "I can't just leave", but the reality is that you can.

Although I know God has something bigger for me planned, it's still going to be hard to tear myself away. I still want to be apart of peoples lives--I don't want to miss it! Life is too short to not be involved. Way too short. 

The encouraging thing is that I will always be able to come home, to my family and my church (which may as well be a bunch of aunts and uncles and cousins) and my dojo. The people I've meet have really touched me and helped me become who I am today, and I can never say thanks enough.

Thank you.

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