Today is the Day the Lord has Made

August 18th

Morning before church:

Today is it. I move into my dorm. I’m tired because I got like no sleep last night, and I don’t feel good at all. And I have to speak at church. But I think I’mso physically broken down and mentally confused right now I’m just surrendering it all to Him. That should always be my first move.


Today it’s all Him.
After church, round 12 pm:
So I’m in the car sitting next to my new mini fridge and have a glass of chocolate milk in the cup holder. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate milk, but I saw a gallon in the fridge and had a craving for it. But beside the chocolate milk, is a bamboo plant, essential to every dorm. My parents suggested not brining all five of my plants…and my fish tanks are at home because one is too big and in the other I have baby guppies in the other (they don’t travel well).

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