The Life of a College Student

The life of a college student is defined by the moment when a Wal-Mart run becomes an event.

It starts with finding the actual place. Bowling Green drivers and Wal-Mart people are not as nice as in Shelbyville. They are when they are n the elevator though.

Anyway, we got inside and a few minutes later it starts raining, then its like hailing and I'm trying to concentrate on what I'm getting and its my first official two-hour away from home grocery shopping experience....whew.

Then we go to target and I bought a lamp, finally :)

Me being resourceful!
"Tell me again why you ran out of meals?"
~By Grumpy Cat

The back of my free t-shirt!

Haven't found a water filter pitcher yet...

A stocked pantry. :)

Yay! There's not just water bottles in it!
My beautiful new lamp!

My to do list for Saturday:

Starbucks and Bible
Run by wku store
Subway for lunch/dinner, then save the rest and put it in the fridge
Look for all my classes

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