Some Days Are Just Simply Days To Be

Some days are just simply days to be.

You can be tired and be relaxed about it, knowing that the rest of the day is simply for getting things done. On a deeper level though, often when I am my most tired and weary I am most at peace. My soul has finally reached the point in my week where I can just sink into the fact that I know that I have given up my own strength in turn for God's.

Yes, I am tired, but I am also tired of doing things on my own. I don't want that anymore. I seem to go through this a lot, but now, by the end of he week, it usually comes to this. The real point is though, that this lesson of letting go that I am relearning cannot be a cycle anymore. It just can't happen.

Therefore, my new resolution is to give up before I'm broken and weary at the end of the week. I have to give myself up on the Monday morning, Sunday night, on the Monday morning, on the Tuesday afternoon, on the Monday morning.....Because you see, it's the hardest to give up ourselves when your are so full of strength. When you embody energy and movement and sound and all your dreams just sort of pour out of you...this is the time when you have to let go and receive the grace that we need oh so much.

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