One of Those Days Was Today

Today is one of those days when you turn your multiple alarms off and go back to bed. You also get out of your car and shut a chunk of your hair in the car door. Frustrated, you get out and are walking into Wal-Mart and end up seeing someone from your  church so your day is made instantly better, after you get over your initial fear that they are trying to run you over. After stopping to talk, you go in, and look at all the dozen of notebooks on the shelves and wonder if trying to find the perfect notebook is actually you stalling from writing what actually is supposed to go in the notebook. So you go home and proceed to write in only one of the notebooks you bought and try to get some work done. Over the period of the day, you down a whole entire 2-liter of ginger-ale (in my defense, I hardly drink sodas and I got it to calm my stomach) and spend what seems like the other part of your day in the bathroom. I'm just being honest here. Your evening is watching multiple episodes of Grimm and eating barbeque chicken pizza with stuffed crust. Your night is making sure your brother is okay since he's sick and writing, reading and catching up with those whom you haven't seen via social media.

It's days like these--the ones when all you want to do is curl up and watch cooking shows with a fuzzy blanket--when you realize the importance of managing your time and giving yourself a break at the same time.

Tired days. Stressed days. Although they may not be bad, they come every once in awhile. The trick is to learn to breathe during those times and be where you are, not in any other place, because sometimes, we just need an actual break.  

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