Giving Up

Giving up.

Your life,

your will,

your way.

All for Him.

You look at the cost. Sometimes it is putting yourself out there. Sometimes it requires trials. Sometimes it means a lot of the unknown and really frustrating feelings that you can't always place.

But then you have to remember to look at the bigger picture. The how's there's more, the now, the future, the dawn after the darkness.

The reward though, the glory that gets to live inside you because of the Son, spreading your excitement over His word and law and heart and love--you get to tell others about Him. And there's the fact that you get to wake up each day and know that you get to spend it with Jesus--that's gotta be one of the best parts.



  1. In the book I am currently reading, I came to the following statement today not long after reading your "Giving Up" post and thought of you. :)
    "I've learned that sometimes I have to give up my right to know and simply believe that God's knowing is enough. Not that I don't want to question. Ach, I surely do." "I've learned that peace comes with that kind of givin' up....and, not to boast, but my faith has grown because of it too."

  2. I love it! That's a great articulation of what I was trying to say.