My Words, His Words

Words are so superficial. I feel like as much as they can unleash so much heart, they also inhibit us, like that one thing on the floor in our rooms that we always trip over.

--and I now you can always go back and edit writing, but you all have no idea how many times I have to stop writing and act fast--my pasta almost boiled over. I had to dive to save it. Sigh.--

Anyway, words are just hard to get out. Now I am trying to figure out the connection between what you feel, what you need to say, when to say it, and if you should say it at all....

Do you wait for courage to come, or is saying/doing something when you don't feel courageous the real definition of courage? And what's right and wrong in the middle of it all?

This post starts off a new month, one of about more unknowns than I've ever had to deal with on a daily basis. Actually, I feel like most of my months start out like that, and transform from their. My daily prayer is asking my God to lend me some of His perfect strength.

Lord I need you, Oh I need you
Every hour I need you

I want my words to be His words, His heart my heart and His will, my will.

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