The Last of My First Winter Break

It's felt like a mini-forever. A very long mini-forever. But it's nearing it's end, so I'm not sure how I feel about it. I just know it's been a long time, and when I go back I'm gonna have to actually do work.

What I'm going to miss:
My cat
My dog
Slow mornings
Karate and the people there
Reading as much as I have been and actually having time to
Being at church with my church family :)

Watching cooking shows
Learning how to be a better cook...and no, I don't have the experience that the Chopped people do, and yes, I still need a recipe.
Watching Grimm with my brother
Being with my youth group
Seeing old friends from far, far away
Seeing my extended family, if only for the holidays
 What I have to look forward to:
A new roommate................................?
Seeing friends again (Today's new friend becomes tomorrow's family) and making new ones
New classes!
A hopefully better organized me/routine/better habits...like taking my vitamins...?
.....and a bunch of other unknowns....

.....but mostly the fact that I am able to see how God is continually at work and changing my life.


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