Learning to Love

Learning how to live. How to really love. That's what people just keep teaching me. Not only do they live by example, but they challenge me to let them show me how.

They invite me in, and then ask me to receive.

This can actually be harder than you'd think. I still feel like I sometimes have a maze of barriers set up, like a bunch blocks in front of a bridge.
It keeps people out.

I can better feel their love when the barriers are down. I am now beginning to realize how important it is to simply be loved. Just rest in the love, the warmth. Receive.
This is what I love about my church family. They break me, wear me down with how much they love, love me.

The thing is, this is exactly what Jesus does to us. He relentlessly pursues us. He pours out unconditional love, even if you feel like you can't be loved. With His mighty yet gentle hand, oh, how He just breaks me, trying to get my attention, paying His whole self, His own blood, the ultimate sacrifice.

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