This Next Semester

This semester so far feels like a brick wall has just ran into me. No, not the other way around--it's I didn't run into it, it ran into me.

Apparently I was under the assumption that when I came back that most things would be the same. Well, that's not true. And it only took one day for me to figure that out. Some of the changes I was expecting--sure I'd get new classes, try start better habits, get a new roommate and have a different schedule, but boy oh boy. These past few days have really reformed the way I think. Not only have they forced me to grow up a bit more, but they again just show me how large the world is, how small I am and how BIG my God is still.

How much I am learning about just getting up and getting stuff done. How much I have to do! And the thing is, it’s just that simple. Honestly, there aren't many complexities—just getting up and doing things is all there is to do. It’s that step, that initiative that makes things happen and keeps certain things rolling.

I've gotten kicked in the butt about this lately. I've been reminded that trust is not necessarily sitting back and waiting for things to happen, but taking action and knowing that God's in the middle of it all and the outcome is in His large loving hands. I'm reminded on the conversation in Where the Red Ferns Grow between the boy and his grandpa. His grandpa told him that sometimes, you have to meet God halfway--do your part, and He will do His. Now, I've also learned that  discerning this is a bit harder in certain situations, but you have to be able to let go of obsessively controlling the outcome and actions involved with it.  

During this time of tribulation and change, I know that God is walking with me, even if  my life feels like an impending plane crash.
"As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you too; abide in my love."
John 15:9


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