For When You Feel Empty

For moments when you feel as empty as this jar of peanut butter...some words in lyric form to encourage you...they never fail to put a smile on my face.

You broke my chains of sin and shame
And You covered me with grace And You mend my life with Your holy fire
You cover me with grace

And You are the hand that reaches out to save

And I am set free, oh oh oh
I am set free, oh oh oh
It is for freedom that I am set free

I Am Set Free
All Sons and Daughters

All we have, all we had
Was a promise like a thread
Holding us, keeping us
Oh from fraying at the edge

All we knew, all we knew
Was You said You'd come again
You'd rise up from the dead

Buried in the Grave

All Sons and Daughters

Oh How I Need You
All Sons and Daughters


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