On Love and Trust

              "You left your perfection,
                                     And embraced our rejection...
               You left your perfection,
                                    And fought for our redemption,
               This is love, you gave yourself..."

You Bled by Rend Collective Experiment

How wonderful is this? Even in our moments of trying to take His spot--God still loves us and has ultimate and total control.

I feel like myself, as well as others around me are really learning what trust is...to trust God in the times when nothing is like it used to be, and when we know nothing is ever going to be the same. The times when there is no "normal" anymore. Oh, how much we have to give ourselves to Him! Surrendering is trusting when its seems crazy to. But our Lord is God who fought for us with a redeeming love, something that we can't even comprehend. It's SO much bigger than we though--than we think. He's someone who's steady and trustworthy and loving and caring and avenging and overall, steadfast and holy. Giving ourselves to Him is really learning how we were really meant to live our lives, and being close to Him so we can learn to trust despite everything else.

He's just showing me how CRAZY trust really seems...and how beautiful and scary it is. With all the things that could--and may--go wrong I wonder how I can move forward. All I have to do is look outside at the snow on the ground and I am reminded that OUR God is a STRONG God. There is nothing else I need.

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