Do you know how good it is to be on your own bed with your cat laying down against the length of your back?

I forgot how good it was to come home.

I seems in the middle of everything, all this busyness, this chaos, these distractions, the stress, I have forgotten how to rest. Coming home reminds me that at the speed I am going (which is very fast) I have to make it a priority to refuel.

When I come home, apaart of me is scared that everything I have at school is just a dream, and will disappear when I'm gone. I never want to loose it, and never in a million years did I ever think that I would have the quality (not necessarily the quantity, but that too) of things that I have here.

It's hard sometimes to tell which is my real life (home or school), when I guess they both are...I just feel more grounded at school because there is routine, stuff to do and classes and homework to focus on. But it's nice to pet my puppy sitting at my feet while I type this. :)

And you know, everything else, when you learn to live only half a room and a mini fridge and no toaster for your bagels or Poptarts (trust me, microwaved Poptarts are just not the same), the things like TV and all these expensive entertainment luxuries just don't matter. There is no appeal anymore. I just want to talk with people. Talk. Spend time with them, get to know (and re-know) them and just catch up. This happened when my brother and I sat up the night I came home and talked until two in the morning. So much for extra sleep.

Even though, sometimes I am SO convinced I am the most BLESSED person in the WORLD. I have so much. And yes, Jesus loves me. He gave Himself for me and for you.

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