Oh the strength of that word. One part of God that I learned (really, re-discovered, but I'm still learning it) is the fact that he cares for us when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable. When we have been fighting the good fight and have been on the journey to get us to that point, we are weary. Tired. Worn. Drained. But God still provides. Whatever it is that He knows you need--food, rest, a conversation, a hug, a smile, a person. God is a good God who comes and protects us when we are at this point. He is the guard and the caretaker for our spent souls all at once. He is an all-consuming fire that engulfs those who try to lay a hand on us. This is the God we work for, labor for. The one who loves, fights and passionately pursues us. That's why I love Him.

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