Finished Victory

A simple song lyric started this post. I don't even remember what song it was, to be honest.

But as the song played, the word victory came up and a realization hit me--that God has victory over me. My selfish ways, my sinful heart...He's already won. He's fought for me, pursued me. I am His! How great of a thing it is to be able to say.

A second song lyric that I heard was it is finished. Hearing this I realized that it IS finished. God has already won--all the things we do, no matter how many times we fail and will fail (oh, how many is that?), it's finished. He's won. There's nothing we can do to mess that up or undo what Jesus did for us. How freeing is that? That our Lord is the perfect sacrifice and our God will catch us when we fall. This mercy and grace that He has for us is of a divine nature, because I know that's the only way I can ever be saved.



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