Fighting Your Battles

I have forgotten what it is like to be in the woods. To be completely engulfed and surrounded in green. Sometimes that’s all I want, it just takes actually sitting here to remind me. I just look out, see the sky through green leaves, green murky water and green leafiness all around me. This is one of the things that I know God made with me specifically in mind. It’s one of my favorite gifts from Him.

Anyway, I wanted to mention what my devotional talked about this morning. Letting God fight your battles. So many times we give up and surrender to Him in the times where it’s clear that you can’t do it yourself, but what about the daily things that you ignorantly think you can do own your own. God fighting your battles
is such a different way of thinking about your to-do list, tasks in front of you and even your relationships. It almost sounds like we are burdening God, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, we are letting Him do His job—being in ultimate control and weaving our path and purpose, while we do ours—depending, loving and focusing on Him.

Knowing this, I want Him to fight my battles, I want Him to fight them for me. Doesn’t His workmanship always turn out better anyway? This, however, does not mean not doing any work, you have an excuse to be lazy or that you should roll over.  Nowhere in scripture does it say to do that. Also, remember to be still and rest in Him so that He can take this from you.
Be thinking and prayerfully pursue what specific battles you need to step back from and let God take the reins.


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