The Property

 Ever go somewhere where you can just feel the potential? That is Sparrow Mission's property for their orphanage. You can check out their full vision at  http://www.sparrowmissions.com/. It's pretty epic.

One day a group of our team went to the property to do some dirty work. As I walked across the property, I just got this feeling from the ground and surrounding area that God wanted the vision of the orphanage to happen. The ground has been, and is, very well prayed over. I could tell because of the almost tangible power of activity that is soon to be tapped into.

When we were there doing yard work, it was hot. Hotter than normal, for Honduras in the mountains. I'm convinced that someone prayed for the day to be overcast and cloudy, because that is soon what happened. Thank you to whoever prayed that :) And thank you for God for answering and honoring that prayer :)

By the way, the two guys at the bottom are trying to get mangos out of a tree by throwing sticks. Just so you know.


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