A Deep Breath of the Spirit-I Want More

It's funny how God answers prayers.
It's really in a million different ways.
The answers look so different each time.

My Lord has been answering my prayers to be broken, to learn about humility and see Him working more.

God has completely transformed me this month. There have been lots of trials and adjusting and confusing-heart-tangle moments where I struggled to find myself and His Presence.

He is the one who completely holds my heart no matter how stupid or selfish or demanding or misunderstanding I am.

Sometimes hashing out things is just what needs to be done. After the struggle, there is peace.

Sometimes you are not exactly what was or went wrong in the first place, and that's okay.

Sometimes, you don't even know what you're feeling until you begin to actually feel it when it comes to the surface. Who knew you were so broken when even you didn't know?

Sometimes you don't have all the answers, and that's okay. Sometimes (most of the time) you don't need to.

I have been drained of my energy slowly ever since I left school. I now see that God was using my slower pace to get me to the spot where I was desperate for Him again--where I realize that I don't have enough of Him and every single day,

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