Thinking of Honduras #5 Getting Closer

I never realized how long a week actually is. I'm sure when I'm down there time will fly by, but back home things will move at the same pace they always do. I may come back and feel out of the loop, but returning from mission trips you don't settle back into the exact place as you lived in in the past. This is really a good thing--progress and growth making an impact.

The day is getting closer and I keep thinking about it and I really can't believe what I'm doing. That's why I have to believe in God more than me, rather, not me at all.

What do I want to learn on this trip?

Humility. Lord knows I need it.

Why I am in some of the places I am.

What's missing in surrendering my life.

What I need to do.

What do I want to practice on this trip?

Loving people and sharing the gospel.

What do I want to teach others on this trip (One thought skipped over most of the time)?

JOY and prayer!

What do I want to experience on this trip?


His love, living it, giving it and receiving it.

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  1. I love seeing how He's changing you and hearing you pour your heart out. It's great. (even if you do keep me from being able to drive home ;)