This Month of June

The month of June has been really rough. So rough in fact, that it's kinda changed my life and my perspective on it.

First of all, I'm outta school. That is a huge change in and of itself. I'm away from literally living in the Biblical community on campus within a campus ministry. I miss it, honestly.
Then I'm back home and have an actual job working as an Intern at my church. All of this crazy adjustment, being on my own while living with my family....
Then I went to Honduras for a week, just to add more craziness to the mix. THAT was something. Something I realized that God has used and is using to change and shape my heart.
Now I'm back. Next week will be crazy because of my schedule, but I'm excited for the month of July because I go into it with a new outlook on life.

All of this adjustment that I've been through this past year has really worn me out. However, I would never trade a second of it for ANYTHING in the world because Jesus has sustained me through it all and given me a change in my faith so that I now regard everything as a loss compared to the surpassing value of knowing Him.

God's calling on my life is my next BIG thing, and He's my BIG right NOW!



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