Reminders of Joy


This mission team from good ole TN came to help my church in our journey to change Shelbyville--one person at a time.

I was busy this week preparing things for them, so I didn't get as much time serving with them as I would have liked, but I do have some take aways from their visit.

1--I was reminded what it is like to serve on a team--hands and feet being the body of Christ and how when working together you can be super productive.

2--I got to see something that I have slightly stopped embodying--the pure joy of living!
*Note: Somehow coffee is usually involved in this discovery.

3--It just takes doing it. Pull on God's strength and let his Grace cover you every day--because He moves every day.

4--I was reminded what youthfulness looks like.

5--Real service is cleaning toilets.

6--I have a twin. Who knew?

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