On the Plane

June 8th--From the Airplane

Okay guys. So maybe I don't like flying. The change in air pressure with altitude and simply the fact that I am on a plane gives me a headache and an unstable stomach. This even persisted while sitting in the plane, unmoving, for two hours while they fixed it.

The whole thing though is really amazing even if I still don't like seeing the world tilt 45 degrees. Now as I write, the plane is starting to go really, really fast. I don't like it. Even if it is kinda cool.

But just like that, everything is small. Really, really small. It reminds me of how small I am in the universe. As we climb, I am beginning to see the cloud cover out the window, which is turning white with the fluff.

It's really freaky when the plane tilts, or rather turns, because when you think about it, planes are simply long cylinders of people. And luggage. But that's what they are. 

The diversity of the people around me is my favorite part though. There are people of different states, races, places and languages. When the flight attendants announce something, they do it in Spanish and English.

We do sometimes forget that we are not the only ones out there. God created the nations. Although a slight headache may persist for the net three hours (we are still climbing, not even at cruising altitude yet) this is only a slight price to pay for being obedient to God's calling on my life. I wonder what He's up to. I guess I'm going to find out this week!




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