More Insights from Honduras

Wednesday of That Week

I'm sitting here writing for the first time since the plane ride (which I'm kinda glad is over!). There is so much to take in, I mean, a whole other culture. God is serious when He talks about making people unique and special and different.

Thursdays Thanksgiving

Thank you for providing uneven days, days when there is often too much help. Thank you for transformation and change.

The Next Sunday

So it's nothing to say that Honduras was epic. But now I'm back in the states. The evil one threatens to erase my memories, since I am now distracted by a queasy stomach and the fact that I am so happy to be back in America I could cry. Honduras was hard. Harder than expected. It's one of those times when you have so much to take in all at once that you have no time to evaluate it all before you leave. I am so tired.

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