Thinking of Honduras #6 Inch by Foot

It's been inching closer, but today we've taken the extra foot. I would open up by saying today is the day, but technically it's tomorrow because I have to meet my people at 3 am. How fun. Even though I'm a morning person, 3 is a little early.

But as much as I say I'm ready, the realization that I'm going to live in another country for ten days with a bunch of people with only 35 pounds of stuff is kinda becoming more real. Two bags of 25 and 10 pounds is pretty good packing, if I do say so myself. Plus, I kind of hate airports because they stress me out.

All in all though, there's nothing to be afraid of.
You can "worst-case scenario" all day long but since the Lord's on our side, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Sure I may get nervous at some points, and maybe freaked out and hopefully not sick, but there is literally nothing to worry about. So I'm just not worried or worrying. I swear it is not as hard as it seems.

So, while I leave you with two posts today, and leave for another country, please pray for me an my team. Specifics? For our bags, airport times, sleep, words--Spanish and English, time with children and time with adults and teens, the heat, more sleep, families back home, safe food/water, protection from the Evil One, prevention from sickness, and most importantly of all, each of our team to fall more deeply in love with our Jesus.

p.s. I - promise to take pictures and blog about it when I get back, just be patient! :)

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