Doing Things I Love

These few short weeks of summer have reminded me of something important: myself. Who I am. Not that this past year hasn't taught me that--I've learned more about myself this year than my whole life--but while I was discovering new things I forgot the old things. All the things that I like to do.

~I love painting and even love getting paint on me.

~I like running [short] distances on dirt paths covered by trees and sitting and watching water.

~I like walking barefoot on down shallow creeks.

~I really like receiving children's artwork. :)

~I really like the band FM Static and ones similar to them.

~I love community service.

~I love riding my bike.

 So maybe I knew this, but I forgot how much I LOVE doing these things.
It's scary how easily we forget things, about others and about ourselves.
It's scary because it's dangerous.
It helps to remember Jesus, and how He has used the me of my past and is transforming the me of now to make the me of my future.
That's going wayyyy back.
But maybe not that far, maybe not as far back as you think....

What is it that you have forgotten about yourself and how are you going to get that back?

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  1. Awwee. Summer is made for going back and doing things you love.