7 Habits that I'm Going to Change in July

So I've been praying a lot about what it looks like to really seek God, and what habits need to go away, disappear, reappear and be created. Also, although I will start putting these into action next month, I've also learned there is value in preparation (can I get an "Amen"?) as well as the fact that not everything has to be perfect and in-place all at once
This is the list I came up with. Remember, if you've been keeping up with my last month or two of posts (or my whole entire blog, actually--if you go back to the beginning) they've been recording some rough transitions. So I'm cutting myself a little slack. Although, sometimes I'm not exactly sure how much to cut myself sometimes.

1. Make Quiet Times more of a priority than ever before

Funny thing. I was just going write something like "make quiet times even more of a priority" but I guess God wants me to take it a step further. I guess that's my next step. I mean, I've been having them, but I need to be better at being patient, and sitting down and doing them despite--because--of the busy day ahead. And just because they don't happen in the morning, doesn't mean that they don't have to happen at all.

2. Limit my Facebook/All other social media log-ins to one a day

Ain't nobody got time for this social media! This is good advice for someone who is fairly self disciplined. Of course, it's different when you often use Facebook for work, but still--let's be social face to face. Anyways, you probably have better things to do. I actually was going to write two log ins a day, but I guess that wouldn't really make that much of a difference.

3. Meet with people

Gosh, someone told me the other day that if you want to be around people more, or specific people--go do it! Sometimes this is all you need to hear--go do it! I just need to talk to some people and some things, sometimes, you know?

4. Exercise and take my vitamins

When you live on a hill all year, this is a bit easier to come by. Let's face it though--this needs to be a habit, and one that you enjoy too.

5. Read so many books

I've got some time and I have a list. Let's get serious and do it. Plus, I just ordered two more and don't have the two of three I'm reading finished.

6. [Realize that its okay to] Pray about different things.

At the beginning of summer I had a list--the requests have changed a lot. I need to seek guidance and counsel in my wonderful Councilor.

7. Rest in God's Sovereign Rule over the Day

"Your life can be good even when many things are not going as you would like. You yearn to feel more in control of your life, but this is not My way for you. I want to learn to relax more in My sovereignty, receiving each day as a good gift from Me--no matter what it contains."
~Jesus Today 


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  1. These are all good habits to change. I think I can get wayyy better at quiet time.