Thinking of Honduras #4 Comming Ready

If you haven't caught on already, I'm writing my thoughts down about Honduras. Of course I'll post and inform everyone about after the trip, but sometimes the pre-thoughts are missed. Isn't part of the purpose to look back and compare the you of then to the you of now? And I'm really excited. And I think about it a lot. Not that much, really, but I'm leaving in a few days, so I'd better be thinking about it!

Really guys, my life just takes a lot of processing. All day long, sometimes. This is kinda what my blog helps me do. I start off writing a post and realize that God is teaching me specific things specific to me that I had to write to find out.

Anyway, back to Honduras.

I'm so ready to be there.
I'm so ready to sink into the Word in a whole new way--living it, reading it and breathing it.
I'm so ready to be home--in my Lord's arms wherever I am.
I'm so ready to sink into Him and let Him renew me, because believe me, I am tired.

Bring on the hardness of this life, for I am being prepared by my Holy Maker.

Let me go to the place I need to be, for I am ready to begin!


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