Pain to Praise

When you're at that point, the one where everything is falling apart, everything you knew now looks like a lie.

We've all been there.

That's when you look up, above the waves, above the things of this world, past yourself and into the light of someone elses glory. God's amazing character, His steadfast personality and overwhelming love. It seems to be highlighted against the backdrop of our own sufferings.

This breaking point is exactly the time to praise. I know, so maybe it sounds crazy. Sing when you are trying to hold yourself together? I'm kinda busy, you say. You're missing the point, He replies, it's the time in the middle of the chaos in which you look up, breathe and let go.

To start it begins with just a thought, then a word or two, a sentence, next a chorus, then it transforms to a song--something that's just being pulled up from your throat, a sound of your heart. It's the sound of you breaking, your humanness and the goodness of God all tangled up inside of you. The colors of a fragmented prism are the shades of emotions you feel, but the bright glory your heart sings about overshadows everything else.

This is praise. All of you being offered, all of you thankful, rejoicing. The more you do it, the more you want to. Doing this is essential to your every day life, perspective and walk of faith. You have a million reasons to sing. Don't be caught silent.

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