No More Plastic Wrap

It has come to my attention that we are all covered in plastic wrap. In fact, we tend to wrap ourselves with it without knowing.

Plastic wrap is the stuff that you cover yourself with that lets people see who you are, but distorts what they see, all the while keeping people away from you--from getting in.

I feel like we sometimes do this subconsciously...it all stems from trying to please people. People, not God. When we do this, I feel like we all become like Peter when he took his eyes away from Jesus and instead rested them on the crashing, rolling waves. Since when have people become more important than God? If someone asked you that question, I'm sure that you'd say "No! Of course they aren't!" But it's not so cut and dry when you look at your life, now is it? Changing parts of you--outer and inner--exaggerating, stepping around the whole truth, flat out lying, ulterior motives, breaking your back for approval, building walls, taking the walls down prematurely, putting people on pedestals...

But this isn't how we are supposed to live. Who wants to live with those expectations of yourself for others anyway? It's no life! No life at all.
There's no freedom, no room to breathe.

No room to be yourself.

God did not create you to be somebody else! He takes what's there and transforms it. His unchanging grace and firm hand is more than enough to melt any solid heart, change any mindset, heal any hurt...He's so much bigger than people, so much bigger than you or who you think you are.

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