Idleness. This is what I was thinking about while reading Proverbs 6. It may not have been exactly what it was talking about, at all really, but I just couldn't get the thought out of my head. Since it's break, my days of sleeping in and doing nothing are over. I've got to get up and get stuff done. A lot of this is prepping me for the next phase of my life--teaching. I don't know where it come from, but these last few months I've been learning so much, I just have a burden for teaching it now--one step further than just telling people about it. Normally I would say that this is weird, but because my life looks so different now, it kinda fits in with the rest of it. Everything looks different now--being home and suddenly being taken out of an environment you just got used to. Back at school so much was going on it was an easier to be in a mindset of trusting God on a daily basis, and now I'm still busy but my routine is basically nonexistent. The whole thing  really is so confusing.  So I guess my blog posts may be changing, just like me, just like they always have been....just like me.

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